Activate the power to flow with a meaningful purpose.‍‍

Overcome the limitations of your personality, character or temperament.

Impact your environment by being disruptive from your essence.

A new transformative vision that begins with your identity.


Discover your Best Version




More than a decade investigating and analyzing executive leadership cases in more than 12 countries. The international workshop uses an innovative experiential methodology based on the latest neurological advances to better understand complex management challenges.  Thru this intensive program Gonzalo Zubieta manages to present a framework that has practical lessons and strategies full of insight to lead transformation.

Thousands of Leadership Cases


Deciphering your narrative makes you the protagonist aga‍in








Looking At Yourself Thru Others‍‍


Group Dynamics that take you out of your comfort zone.


Feedback that challenges the way to see who you are behind each role.


Deep introspection that takes you to discover the essence of your identity.

To become who you are in a world that pressures your to be another.

During the 3 days you will go through individual exercises, in pairs and groups. Each session seeks to achieve an authentic connection with you and others that will lead you to understand your design, your relationship with power and your transformation challenge. This inspiring journey culminates with a final session where you will have the opportunity to define your purpose at a professional and personal level.


Methodology That Involves You


Real People.

Real Moments.

Guiding questions that open your mind:

Do you know how to approach a difficult conversation without losing control?

Do you find it difficult to discern how you and your actions are interpreted?

Do you avoid conflicts because you do not know how to deal with them?

The methodology of this program and the excellent leadership of Gonzalo Zubieta, provide the keys to understand the way in which we interact with the systems of which we are part; and through the practical experience of the days in which it developed, it allows to achieve an in-depth learning that enhances the ability to exercise effective and meaningful leadership.

CEO Chile.



This program is designed for those executives who seek to reinvent themselves or are in a difficult situation in life. This 3-day experience allows you, in an entertaining and challenging way, to ask you those difficult questions that we avoid confronting. When you finish the program you leave with a sense of purpose that fills you with enthusiasm and motivation.

CEO Ecuador



In the company or in our family we are faced with situations that are difficult for us to decipher. First because we are not aware of our own motivations and second because we do not understand the design of those with whom we interact. This is precisely the focus of this program that radically transforms our way of connecting at work and our way to flow with our loved ones.

CEO Spain

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April 4th-5th

North Palm Beach, Florida

You may leave behind what is chasing you but you can't leave behind what is running inside you


Experience the effectiveness of being present — mindfulness — to face your challenges.


Learn to become who you are in a world that wants you to be someone else