We are constantly faced with situations that demand from us a role that we assume that it is difficult for us to decipher. They can be situations of the past, present challenges or decisions that define our future but in the end, the starting point will always be our identity.

‍‍‍The exercise of leading your organization, team or‍‍‍ family requires diagnostic tools to define effective strategies to overcome resistance to change.

We invite you to explore the reason why power, influence or persuasion moves away from us when we most need them. This challenge requires a profound transformation in our way of thinking and interacting with others to be able to flow from Inside Out™.

Key Results

  1. It helps participants to understand their design using the latest discoveries in Neuroscience and how to go beyond the interferences that do not allow us to reach our full potential.‍‍‍
  2. It creates a deeper understanding of what it means to lead or exercise authority to rely less on power and control.
  3. It defies mental schemes that hold us to be more in the role than in acting authentically from the being.
  4. It provides intervention strategies to lead oneself, teams, your organization including personal life.
  5. It gives sense to one's narrative by guiding participants to rediscover a mobilizing purpose.

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Flow Inside Out is part of an initiative ‍‍from Emet Partners Consulting Firm.‍‍‍‍‍‍

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Designed to impact your professional career

• To promote the individual purpose starting from the individual notion that each one has of his own narrative and identity.

• Rediscover a new meaning behind each role as a platform for learning and growth in light of the design and role each one plays in the different group dynamics.

• Activate new hidden abilities by questioning the own "experience" that plays against in processes of transformation and reinvention.

Designed to Impact your environment

• High level executives who believe they have reached a plateau of growth and are willing to challenge their own limits of learning.

• Successful executives who are in a new role and feel that they have invisible barriers that do not allow them to adapt to their new environment.

• Executives who consider themselves winners but who are still trying to understand their biggest leadership failures.

• Managers with very high potential but who know they have to reinvent themselves, be more creative and have a greater impact on their environment to keep moving forward.

• Executives who are looking to leave a legacy that goes beyond fulfilling a professional role.


This program is based on the Flow Inside-Out Leadership model and methodology created by Gonzalo Zubieta based on 12 years of research that seeks to challenge the internal limits between who we believe we are and the different roles we have to assume.‍‍

The process of experiential learning and group feedback pushes the participants to decipher how "the person" is connected to the "role" and how the role is connected to the "system".

This work is supported by two other methodologies, one is Scenario Building from the University of Oxford and the other, case-in-point from Harvard University. The first one focuses on an exploratory method to visualize possible future options based on Key-drivers to understand the present. The second, enhances the experience of all the participants and channels it so that learning emerges, transforming the course dynamics into a case of study itself.

The work includes personal case analysis, group and individual consulting, group and individual feedback, audio-visuals, surveys and exhibitions.‍‍‍






‍‍‍Transformation Framework


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