Igni‍‍‍te ‍‍‍a purpose that generates real engagement

Redefine the narrative of your organization

Identify the challenges to drive with change agents

Build a Culture of Honor by changing the dynamics between‍‍‍ teams


Transform your or‍‍‍ganization with a‍‍‍


Disruptiv‍‍‍e‍‍‍ Strateg‍‍y‍

Define your challenge by combining your business and leadership agenda

Elaborate strategies based on one of the 7 types of challenges‍‍‍

Practice the power to flow receiving and giving feedback on your team‍‍‍


A process that will give meaning t‍‍‍o your


Mayo ‍‍‍9-11, 2018


Decipher your potential behind your role as manager or general manager

Design concrete actions and steps to generate integration between teams

Practical organizational habits that create a Learning Culture‍‍‍


A methodology that challenges you to lead transformation ‍‍‍with



The ‍‍‍Flow Reaching Out ™ international ‍‍‍program uses an innovative experiential methodology based on 10 years of consulting and research and is a continuation of the Flow Coming Out program. Gonzalo Zubieta manages to present a conceptual framework that synthesizes in a simple and profound way on how to lead strategies to transform your organization.


With no dire‍‍‍ction?

Little alignment?‍‍‍

With ‍‍‍no commitment?




Questions tha‍‍‍t will guide you to l‍‍‍ead with‍‍‍


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‍‍‍Gives you strategies to captivate your audience‍‍‍‍

‍‍‍Make your team the protagonist of change‍‍‍